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Fun With Videos!

I was reading a story today about how Minor League Baseball teams are increasingly using videos to keep fresh content coming during the off-season.

While a number of teams have joined the party over the last few months, the River Bandits have been ahead of the curve in their video production for quite some time.

Because everybody loves funny videos, I encourage you to visit “Bandits ON DEMAND!!!” – a page on the River Bandits website dedicated to the best video content the club has to offer. Personally, I think some of the 30-second spots under Bandits Commercials offer the best laugh-per-second ratios (see: “This is River Bandits Baseball”). The “I’m on a Berm” music video and the Roofman series (“Origins of Roofman” and “Roofman’s Villain”) are also must-sees.

You can also see some of what we have to offer on the team’s exclusive YouTube channel. We have even started an off-season video series appropriately titled “There is No Off-Season” that will be keeping fans (and front office staff, of course) entertained between now and April.

Its good stuff and I encourage you to have some fun with it!